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Say hello to our new look!

by chuishia chan on Dec 01, 2020

Say hello to our new look!

We are proud to announce our new logo and packaging.

We have been deliberating with a whole new look for a while and finally decided to take the leap!

We decided to rebrand ourselves as Barkery Oven & Friends to bring our two brands of treats (Barkery Oven for dogs, Purrdy Treats for cats) under one single brand. Hence, the name Barkery Oven & Friends 😊.

We also decided to create a whole new image that is more fun and cheerful, because colors always make us happy!! In fact our #petbaker is quite bummed that her favorite color pink wasn't selected. 

With this new change, we want to assure you that our quality remains the same. Our core values of providing healthy yummy treats for furkids is still our #1 priority.

We are slowly changing all collaterals, website etc to reflect our new look. If you are using our logo and product images, kindly please assist us in updating them.

Contact us for more details or to share feedback! 


Chui Shia