Ikan Bilis
Ikan Bilis

Ikan Bilis

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Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) is humble and commonly seen fish that is chock full of nutrients. Our Ikan Bilis is freshly caught from our Kuala Selangor waters, and they are dried to a crispy crunchy texture that provides our feline friends with:

  • Calcium (from the bones),
  • Omega-3 (its classified as an oily fish)
  • Iron

These ikan bilis are dried au naturel, WITHOUT adding any salt, unlike the ones for human consumption. In fact, you can use these in your own cooking too as these are healthier without all that added salt. 

Feeding suggestions:

  • Break into smaller pieces according to your cat's eating habits
  • Crispy and crunchy

Storage suggestions:

  • Ensure zipper is tightly zipped up to prevent treat from getting soft from exposure to air
  • Keep in refrigerator to prolong shelf life


Kuala Selangor Ikan Bilis