What would you recommend for my dog breed?

Our treats are not breed specific.

Can you custom make the treats into bigger sizes?

Yes, we can. Our treats are made in small sizes, but they can be customised to a maximum of 3” wide for the larger breed dogs. You can email us directly for customisations.

Will these treats make my dog fat?

That depends on the amount of treats you give your dog. With a healthy and balanced diet, it should be perfectly fine. 

How long can your treats last?

We usually use a 3-month period as our maximum shelf life. Our treats are made WITHOUT any preservatives, hence, the shorter shelf life. You may refrigerate our treats to keep it fresh for a longer period.

How long can I keep your Pawffins / Cake / Fudge?

Our Pawffins and Cakes can stay fresh in the refrigerator up to a maximum of 2 weeks in a container. Our Fudge can stay fresh in the refrigerator up to a week but in the freezer it can stay fresh up to a month.

Can I self-pickup from you?

Yes, you can. We can arrange for COD either in Bangsar or Hartamas. We just need to pre-arrange our timing. Bonus of self-pickup is that it is FREE from delivery charges.

Can I get my orders immediately?

We do not stockpile our range of treats as it is baked fresh to order. We would prefer that you order 3 days in advance. However, you can always enquire with us as to stock availability. Sometimes, we do bake extras as a buffer.

Why are your treats not consistently shaped or coloured?

All our treats are handmade. Hence no two pieces are identical even when cut with a cookie cutter. However, we guarantee that these irregularities do not compromise our quality in any way.

What if my pet won’t eat your treats?

Every pet has a different palate. We also believe that in most pets, they can be trained to eat a variety of food / treats.

Can I customize the ingredients in the treats?

Yes, you can. Just email us directly at barkeryoven@gmail.com so we can chat about this.