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7 Reasons WHY I Feed Dehydrated Mussel to My Dogs And a Cat

Green lipped mussel has always been one of my favourite food because it’s delicious when cooked. I probably can have it for appetisers, main course, and desserts - if any. And the aroma is just heavenly. Even better for me when I found out about the host of benefits from consuming mussels, for both humans and for dogs.

How I found out about the benefits? I have to thank my beloved Loki. When we first adopted him, our Golden Retriever, he came to us with severe hip and joint problems due to lack of exercise and being badly overweight. So apart from putting him on a diet and exercising him regularly, I started reading up on joint pain relief and treatment as well. This led me to the discovery of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel and its host of benefits.

To be sure since I am going to turn this into a staple treat for all my dogs and cat; I cross checked number of articles, made further research - thanks to Google, and discussed it with some of my friends in the pet industry. And this is how “7 Reasons Why I Feed Dehydrated Mussel to My Dogs And a Cat” came to be ;)


  1. Relieve arthritis pain
  2. Prevention against arthritis and joint problems
  3. Natural source of Omega 3, rather than as an “added on” ingredient in most treats that can go rancid easily - HATED THAT SMELL
  4. Natural source of anti-inflammatory for nerves, skin, and joints
  5. High in protein and makes a great addition to our furkids’ raw meal - we often sprinkle a few pieces to our furkids’ raw meal twice a week
  6. Relatively zero side effects unless your pet is allergic to shellfish
  7. Dehydrated mussel retains most of its nutrients without any chemical additives and preservatives - SAME goes for any of our Naturally Dehydrated range of treats



  1. Crumble into small pieces and add as meal toppings to your #furkids’ food. It flavours their meal, almost like truffle shavings on your pasta ;)
  2. Feed as a treat - they loved it! Suki will meow till the roof comes down in the morning until I feed it to her as breakfast.
Miki (Poodle, 5kg) gets 4 pieces each time.
Olly (Maltese, 2.5kg) gets 2 pieces each time.
Suki (Mixed breed cat, 2kg) gets 2 pieces each time.


If you are keen to feed Naturally Dehydrated Green Lipped Mussels to your dogs, try it out this month of March and get 10% off your purchase when you use this PROMO code: MUSSELUP 

With Love, 

Chui Shia
#PetBaker & Founder

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