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5 Essentials For a Fun Doggy Day Out

Dog Day Out

Like all parents, we like to bring our doggies out for some socialising, cafe hopping and so on, and we have learnt from experience that when we go out unprepared, we always end up in some 'accidents' that leaves us feeling just a tad embarrassed. Here are the 5 essential items that we ALWAYS prepare for our doggy day out. 

1. Wet Wipes

My number one essential item. Also the most essential item. Yes, you can use tissue, wet them with water and all that, but wet wipes are so convenient for all the little accidents that our furkids can get into. Not to mention super convenient for cleaning our hands. I usually use only the unscented ones that you can easily buy from any pharmacy. 

2. Hand Towel

If your dog is anything like Loki, hand towel is absolutely necessary to wipe their saliva. Loki is a 'drooler' if there's such a word. When he gets excited, he drools. Then, we have Miki, another easily excitable dog, that loves to run everywhere and doesn't care if its muddy or wet. So after wiping them clean with wet wipes, we use hand towels to dry them off. 

3. Anti-bug stray for dogs and us

We use our Eau de Lady (of course) and spray it liberally on the dogs and ourselves to prevent any bug bites, especially when we go to the park. This is a spray that can keep bugs away and also helps to freshen them up after we wipe them dry. 

4. Water and drinking bowl

This really should be the Most Important item to bring out, but it is such a no brainer that we feel every pet parent should know this already. We have a collapsible drinking bowl that we use for day outs because it makes packing that much more convenient. We got ours from Furry Tails at Damansara Jaya. 

Collapsible Drinking bowl

5. Treats

This is not exactly an essential, but it is helpful especially if you are hoping to do some training exercises whilst out with your dog. Also, it helps to keep them entertained. 

Do you have your own list of essential items for your doggy day out? Share your tips with us on Facebook.  






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