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Pet Poison Awareness Month

Pet Poison Awareness Month runs annually on the third full week of March every year.  For 2017, it falls on the 20th – 26th for pet parents in South East Asia countries.

National Poison Prevention Month first started in 1967 in the United States with the objective below:

Objective of Pet Poison Awareness Month

Our pets are constantly surrounded by toxic substances that, if we are not careful / vigilant, can cause severe damage or even fatality to our pets.

Here is an infographic provided by the Pet Poison Helpline which outlines possible items that can be harmful to our pets in every part of a home. 

Pet Poison Awareness Infographic

Its important to note that pet poison is not limited to chemically produced pesticides / household detergents, but also to food that is toxic to our pets. As a pet parent, it is our duty to LEARN...

1. What we can and cannot feed our pets
2. What plants are poisonous to our pets
3. What medication can be given to our pets
4. What toxic substance can harm our pets
4. What are the signs of distress in our pets in order to provide immediate care and seek medical assistance
Be a smart pet parent. 
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