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What's so great about dehydrated treats?

Naturally Omega dehydrated salmon

There's been a recent surge in popularity for dehydrated treats. At Barkery Oven, we have a total of 7 flavours of dehydrated treats. So, what's the deal with dehydrated treats? Why are they so popular? Why are they so good? 

Raw Ingredients for Dehydrating

First of all, lets explain briefly what it means to dehydrate food. In a nutshell, raw ingredients are sliced thinly and evenly ( even as possible), then placed onto dehydrator trays and dried at a low temperature for long hours. The number of hours it takes to dry each food depends on its moisture level. For example, it takes us more than 24 hours to fully dehydrate our Naturally Bulus compared to only 5 hours to dehydrate our Naturally Vege. The process of dehydrating is, as its name suggests, taking out moisture from the ingredient till its dry and crispy (in some cases). 

Benefits of Dehydration

Nutrional Value

We always say our range of Naturally Dehydrated Food is as good as feeding your cats and dogs raw, but in a very convenient way. In fact, dehydrated treats are considered one of the most ideal grain free treats for our pets. Why? Because nothing else is added, only the raw ingredient.  As the raw ingredient is dried at such low temperature, it is slowly cooking the ingredient without compromising its nutrient value. 


If your cat or dog is a meat lover, you'll know the headache of bringing raw meat or cooked meat out as treats. Not only will you end up with messy fingers, but you have to worry about the heat. Dehydrated treats are lightweight and can be quite compact. Just throw a bunch of dehydrated meat and vegetables into a zip lock bag, and you're good to go. 

So there you have it. Start feeding your cats and dogs healthy dehydrated treats today. 


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