The Inspiration Behind Our Chinese New Year Treats
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The Inspiration Behind Our Chinese New Year Treats

In the blink of an eye, Christmas has come and gone and now, we are about to celebrate Chinese New Year in a few weeks!

So, what does this mean for us? More get-togethers with friends and family while indulging in scrumptious Chinese New Year dishes and snacks such as yee sang with salmon, nian gao, jiaozi (dumplings), bakwa, and pineapple tarts.

Before you start salivating on the Chinese New Year dishes, don’t forget to get your furbabies some healthy yet delightful Barkery Oven’s Chinese New Year treats so that they can enjoy the celebration together with you!

For this Chinese New Year, we have been working hard in the kitchen to recreate popular Chinese New Year treats for your furbabies to consume while also bringing back one of our bestsellers treats from the 2021’s Chinese New Year special.

To start off this year’s Chinese New Special is Barkery Oven’s Porky Bakwa! What is Chinese New Year without bakwa, right? Well, the ones we eat are certainly not suitable for our furbabies as some of the ingredients in them are not safe for our pets to consume.

Thus, we started researching various bakwa recipes that are safe for pets, and after many rounds of testing, we managed to find a mix of ingredients that worked well with our baking principle – every ingredient used is healthy and suitable for pets! This is also our first time recreating the human version of bakwa for pets, so we do look forward to your review as well!

Next on our Chinese New Special is Barkery Oven’s Goat Milk + Egg Yolk Button. To develop this treat, we had to search high and low and to test a variety of goat milk powder as we were looking for one that is pure and unadulterated. We chose goat milk because it is lactose-free milk that is perfectly suited for cats’ and dogs’ digestive system. In addition, it is high in healthy fat and protein which is good for their skin and coat.

We decided to include the Goat Milk + Egg Yolk Button into our Chinese New Year special as resembles a gold coin which goes with the auspicious saying “Jin Yu Man Tang”. The treat will be made available for purchase even after Chinese New Year, but it will be relaunched with new packaging and label. It will be a part of Barkery Oven’s goat milk series that will be launching soon.

We can’t celebrate Chinese New Year without having fish, right? As the auspicious saying of, Nian Nian You Yu (all things in abundance), we decided to create and include Barkery Oven’s Naturally Salmon in our Chinese New Year Special. We use wild-caught salmon blended with a mix of wild yam and sweet potatoes.

Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and help to maintain your pet’s coat to look shiny and healthy. Meanwhile, wild yam is a natural herb that has many nutritional benefits which include high in minerals and Vitamin C, aids in digestion and is good for dogs with urinary problems.

And due to popular demand, we have decided to bring back last year’s top-selling Chinese New Year Barkery Oven’s treat – Pineapple Tarts as we all know pineapple tarts is a staple in celebrating Chinese New Year! Our pineapple jam is cooked using a traditional method, and what makes it different is that there is absolutely ZERO SUGAR in the jam.

Hence, it makes it a challenge to keep the tarts fresh as sugar is a form of a preservative in baked goods. That is why the pineapple tarts we eat can stay fresh and edible for up to 6 months as both jam and pastry contain sugar.

Ours, however, can only stay fresh at room temperature for up to FIVE days or store in the refrigerator for ONE month. Thus, this proves that our jam and pastry are made without any sugar.

Having said that, Barkery Oven’s Chinese New Special treats (excluding the Goat Milk + Egg Yolk Button) will be only available until 26th January 2022. 

Our Chinese New Year treats are available on our website here, our Shopee Store and Lazada Store. Meanwhile, NUDE The Zero Waste Store will be stocking three items from our Chinese New Special which are the Pineapple Tarts, Goat Milk + Egg Yolk Button, and Naturally Salmon.

From all of us at Barkery Oven, we wish #BarkeryFans a Happy and Safe Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays!


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