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Pet Talks: Getting to Know Lou Ann Foong of Hijau Philosophy

by chuishia chan on May 23, 2022

hijau philosophy
In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of keeping your pet’s skin and fur healthy. And one of the ways to maintain your pet’s skin and fur is to apply pet-friendly essential oil onto them.

That said, one of our partners is Lou Ann Foong, the founder of Hijau Philosophy, who produces and sells pet-friendly essential oils. We had the opportunity to have a chat with her where she shared about how she started Hijau Philosophy, the benefits of essential oil for our furbabies, and the methods on how we should use them.


hijau philosophy


Barkery Oven: Could you share with us the story behind Hijau Philosophy? How did it come about and the reason you started the company, especially for pets?

Lou Ann: My journey began when I was starting down the path of alternative healing with hopes to restore balance in my hectic life. I was motivated and encouraged by the results of my experimentations on myself first, family members, and eventually my furbabies. Through the results I got, I became more intentional and passionate to share the lessons that I learned on this journey toward holistic living – ways that can be incorporated into our daily lives and also for our furbabies for better health and wellbeing through a natural way.


Barkery Oven: Knowing that you have a range of essential oils for pets, please share with us what are essential oils for?

Lou Ann: Essential oils are ancient and natural therapeutics extracted from different plant parts when if used correctly, it is safe and able to yield positive results. All of Hijau Philosophy’s blends are meticulously formulated to ensure our essential oils are pet-safe and can be applied to both skin and fur. Our essentials are made from all-natural ingredients without having a chemical-based solution and each formula is safe yet effective, so pet owners may apply our essential oil to their pets without the fear of side effects.


Barkery Oven: What are the basic guidelines or essential knowledge pet owners need to know about essential oils? 

Lou Ann: It is important for pet owners to do their research about essential oils especially if they are pet-friendly/pet-safe and whether it meets their intended purposes, as well as understanding dilution ratios and recommended method of usage or application.


Barkery Oven: Walk us through the application of essential oil. And can it be combined with other products or treats to optimize the results? 

Lou Ann: We do not advocate the consumption of essential oils in humans (unless necessary and undergo credible supervision), that said, we do not encourage the consumption of essential oils in pets. The usage of essential oils for pets is similar to humans – dilute in oils, creams, or even water (using proper dilution proportions) and apply to skin and fur accordingly. You may even diffuse pet-safe essential oils around your pets.


Barkery Oven: Are there signs to tell whether our pet is allergic to essential oil?

Lou Ann: Allergic reactions can come in the form of lethargy, vomiting, skin rashes, and redness to name a few. If you suspect that your pet may have a severe allergic reaction: -

  • Accidental consumption: Give your pet plenty of water to drink. If in doubt visit the vet, especially for severe reactions such as vomiting/lethargy, etc.
  • Skin reactions: wash with water as much as possible and dry off with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. If in doubt, visit the vet.


Barkery Oven: What are your thoughts regarding the perception of using essential oils on pets? 

Lou Ann: We are advocators of natural remedies as alternative solutions for both humans and pets. That said, it comes, however, with the proper understanding of its specific benefits and also its limitations. Pet owners need to believe and understand that they can make a difference in their pets’ lives, especially in the long run by choosing products that are clean and safe instead of those which are highly laced with chemical-based ingredients.


For more information about Hijau Philosophy, you may click here to learn more about their pet-safe essential oils and other natural products.